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Mark Hamill Reveals the Real Taste of Star Wars Blue Milk On Set: It Made Me Gag

Mark Hamill is just not an enormous fan of the blue milk he needed to drink in A New Hope. The blue milk has turn out to be part of fashionable tradition through the years and it is no secret as to why. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge now has the blue milk and the inexperienced milk from The Final Jedi, although they don’t seem to be technically milk in any respect. These apparently style fairly good and are extra like an costly milkshake, although they’re fully 100% dairy free. With that being mentioned, Hamill in all probability needs he was consuming that as an alternative again in 1977.

When Luke Skywalker takes down what appears like a tasty beverage in Star Wars, it really made Mark Hamill wish to vomit. Nevertheless, the actor is a real skilled and was decided to verify it seemed like he was having fun with each final drops. Hamill had this to say about what the blue milk tasted like on the 1977 set.

“Blue milk was ‘Long Life’ milk (used by campers because no refrigeration is needed) w/ blue food coloring. Oily, warm & slightly sweet, it literally made me gag, but I was determined to drink it on-camera. It was an acting challenge to appear as though I enjoyed it.”

This comes after Mark Hamill revealed what the inexperienced milk tasted like on the set of The Final Jedi. Because it seems, the milk has gotten higher with age, based on the Star Wars icon. Hamill says the inexperienced milk was “just regular coconut water dyed green in post-production,” and referred to as it “quite tasty.” That does sound lightyears higher than what the actor needed to drink on the set of A New Hope and sounds comparable to what’s being served at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, however with a lighter consistency.

As for the “Long Life” milk Mark Hamill is referring to, it’s a product that has been thermally processed at or above 280° F for at the very least 2 seconds. This results in an extended shelf life and is why it doesn’t must be refrigerated. Nevertheless, even regular natural milk is commonly handled in the identical method, which some folks declare is unsafe and unnaturally tasting. From the sound of issues, Hamill was consuming one thing that was in all probability unsafe to devour, relying on the opinion. The Blue and Inexperienced milk at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is definitely rice based mostly. The Blue Milk tastes fairly a bit like a blue raspberry Mr. Misty Freeze from Dairy Queen as if blended with Rice Milk. And the Inexperienced Milk is a lime taste combined with flowery overtones. Suppose hibiscus. Each are literally fairly scrumptious.

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Mark Hamill remains to be alive and properly at the moment, it is protected to imagine the blue milk did not have any long-term results on his life or appearing profession. The actor is as soon as once more reprising his function as Luke Skywalker in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming The Rise of Skywalker. It is the ultimate film within the Skywalker saga and it’ll greater than possible be the final time we see the actor within the function, at the very least he appears to hope issues prove that method. You possibly can take a look at Mark Hamill’s Twitter evaluations of the blue milk and inexperienced milk beneath.

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